Sunday, April 1, 2018

Reflections And The Way Forward... Dr. Bill Halliday

On February 1, 2018, the Nashville Grotto was honored with a visit by Caver \ Author Dr. Bill Halliday, a longtime member of the grotto. Soon to be moving away from the area to be with family, Dr. Halliday wanted to visit, share some memories, and offer thoughts on the future of the grotto and the NSS.

Adventure Is Underground 1959
Depths of the Earth 1966
American Caves and Caving
Floyd Collins of Sand Cave

Co-author of:
Carlsbad Caverns: The Early Years

Special thanks to Matt Pelsor of the Central Indiana Grotto for converting our video to an episode of The Caving Podcast so Dr. Halliday's stories and thoughts can be shared.


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  1. Thank you Matt Pelsor for this wonderful and informative presentation on Dr Halliday. You are doing caving such a great service!
    Mark Wenner - Nashville Grotto - Chairman


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