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Hazel Barton

Save the date for our monthly Nashville Grotto members meeting, where we talk about all things caving! Special presentation by Hazel Barton who will present on the Caves of Greenland. The meeting will be held online only via Zoom at the link below.

About Hazel Barton

Dr. Hazel A. Barton is an English born microbiologist, geologist and cave explorer, interested in extremophile microorganisms. She is a Professor and Director of the Integrated Bioscience Program at the University of Akron and has appeared in several documentaries. Hazel is currently the Education Coordinator for the NSS Vertical Section and past Chair of the NSS Safety and Techniques Committee. Learn more about Hazel at her website,

Join us Virtually - 9/1 @ 6:30pm

by Nashville Grotto

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